Project Hummingbird - November 2019 Release Notes

In this November Release, Hummingbird introduces the world first automation engine that benefices full potential of your CPU performance. You can now reduce execution time up to 50% by doubling the number of test instances can be run simultaneously.


Hummingbird comes also with other 10 new or improved features in 3 areas.

Protocol Compatibility

We introduced a new HTTP module that can support latest Web Services running on new HTTP definitions

GET method can have payload

HTTP body is prohibited in GET method in the very first HTTP protocol (RFC 2616). With the explosion of REST API’s. This restriction is removed from the 2014 version of HTTP Protocol, more and more products start using GET method with payload, such as ElasticSearch. You can now test these APIs with hummingbird.

HTTP/2 compliance

With the benefits of the new HTTP module, hummingbird is ready for the next version of HTTP Protocol: the HTTP/2.

Automation and Data Driven Test

Improvement in this area will help you to build and run automated tests faster

Run multiple test instances in parallel (data-driven test)

As already introduced in the highlight, run multiple test in the same time reduces significantly execution time. The community edition can run 2 test instances simultaneously, the future professional edition may use up to 16 threads according to your CPU.

Row selection (Data Source)

When configuring Data Driving test, you may want to test a specific combination of the parameters defined in the data source. Instead of configuring the number of rows to ignore and read data-source again, in you can just select the row and tell Hummingbird to use selected row as data. This can save a lot of time when debugging or reproducing defects with specific data. as shown below

Streaming mode for large Data Source

Load large data source may consume more CPU and RAM resources. Hummingbird will enter streaming mode automatically when data source is large enough, meanwhile total test cases are estimated according to the first rows analysed. By the way, when you have thousands of row in your data-source, it is not recommanded to use EXCEL. Use CSV instead.

Tokenization and function evaluation for most of test steps

In most test automation test steps, you can use functions to makes tests more reliable. For example, using related date-time evaluated by a function instead of a hard-coded value, the generated JsonWebToken will always be valid.


Other improvements

Improved Anywhere XPath generation

XPath is a very commonly used technique to retrive value from a XML based document, and largely used in test automation to evaluaate expected value or tokenization. Hummingbird introduce a internal tool that can generate pertinent XPATH expression including xml namespaces


Quick copy performance test chart

When preparing the test report or an acceptance form, you may need to include the performance test result chart into your chart. This can be easily down my right-click on the test report, then copy the chart directly. The chart is in PNG format with transparence which can fit any style about your test report. You may also copy the indicators and paste it in your spreadsheet application.


Get latest updates notification

Hummingbird improves also the notification services that you can be notified when a new version is available.