Hummingbird - April 2019 Release


The April 2019 release introduces many new features to improve productivity of Testers and Developers. Including a whole new Live Annotation, More OpenAPI support and new features for Test Automation. Some existing features and global stability are also improved.

Manual Testing improvements for REST API

Live Annotation with OpenAPI/Swagger

Live annotation is the next innovation for API Testing Software. API Designers may introduce descriptions in an OpenAPI specification. This information may be importent to be understood for developers and testers how system should works. Live Annotation - the exclusive feature in Hummingbird - integrates these descriptions in the metadata of the generated object model, and shows them lively during the manual testing.


When user selects an object, Live annotation shows the description to help users understanding. This feature improves the comprehension of the API and improves the productivity and efficiency of the testers.

In this version, we improved also model generation from OpenAPI specification.

Test Automation


A “Custom test step” is introduced in the Test Framework. You can now extend test automation capability by extend it yourself. We will make some examples projets in our Github repository.

Data Source + Data Storage

For data-driven tests, you may use external data source to drive automated tests. But sometimes, you need also to export test result and data into an external file to do further process or used as test evidence. In this version, Hummingbird introduces Data Storage in Data Driven Test, that automatically export variables into CSV or EXCEL files. When using Excel, you can even choose the same file used as Data Source, and export data in another worksheet.


Table Data Generator for Performance Test

Table data generator is used to generate structured data (compared to individual variable) during performance test. It works similar as Data Source but used to tokenize requests used in a performance test scenario. Test data can be loaded from files like CSV or Excel.

When you have a performance test scenario but the test data cannot be reused (for example, data deletion operations), Table Data Generator will be very useful. We are studying the case if the table data generator can read data from SQL Server, if you have similar situations please file us an issue on Github.

JSON Web Token (JWT)

JSON Web Token generation and validation can be integrated seamlessly within an automation project. 3 signing algorithms are supported Hmac, RSA and Ecdsa. When requested, we can also introduce the PSS algorithm which is not yet widely used.


Test Console Output

To debug test cases, detailed output information is important. This information can now be found in “Console Output” available when editing automated tests


Auto Save

Tired of click on “Yes” when the application prompts “Do you want to save the current automation project” ? Activate “Auto Save”, the application will automatically save project without disturbing you again.

UX and other Community Stuffs

As the introduction of JWT functionalities in the test framework, the open sourced Custom

Tool extension introduces also the features of JWT generation and validation.

This version of Hummingbird uses the new version of Hummingbird UI framework that introduced 4 new Hybrid themes: Hybrid Blue, Hybrid Purple, Hybrid Gold and Hybrid Green.