Hummingbird 2018.12 - Performance test, REST service simulation and more

Two months passed, Hummingbird gets now another major update, basically on Performance Test, REST API service simulation and overall improvements.

API Performance test

We are happy to announce that you will find the easiest way to configure and run API performance test.

WYSIWYG scenario editor

To edit a performance test scenario, only thing is to give some parameters related to expected load and duration. Load generator will show expected load in a graph. When a performance test is running, test report is shown in real-time.

Full power of automation

API Performance test is not only to send requests at some speed. In Hummingbird, performance test is completely integrated in an automation project. You can configures an performance test scenario by using ALL kind of steps: To use assertions to check responses, To transfer properties and take advantage of variables, To use service simulation during the test, or other steps you can imagine.

That means also you can configure a simple performance test scenario and run it in your CI/CD pipeline (with Hummingbird CLI, the command line tool).

Built-in and Custom performance models

The performance test engine includes 3 common models:

  • Basic load test, simulates a constant load during the test:
  • Stress test, simulates a constant load at first then goes up to the pic load:
  • Spike test, simulates a constant load during the test but gives suddenly a huge load at short time:

If all these models do not meet your situation, you can use the custom load test to customize expected load which simulates better the real situation.

Performance Test Report

Test report can be viewed in the Report Viewer. For all performance test scenarios, you will find performance indicators, such as: Response Time, Pass-rate, n-th percentiles and standard deviation.

Well, compares to response time and expected load of our Spike test, it seems that our service does not suffer performance degradation at pic load :)

REST Service Simulation based on OpenAPI specification

From the last release, we can already import REST service definitions from OpenAPI (Swagger) specification. In this release, the OpenAPI specification analyzer has been enhanced. It recognizes object inheritance and also generates object model for responses – That can be used for Service simulation.

Overall improvements

This release contains over 80 commits, comes with over 30 new minor functionalities, along with stability, performance and user experience improvements and bug fixes. you should also aware a new design of the home view. we will publish a whole list of updates later.