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Zip Archive

ZIP archive packages all executables and other files required, all components are available. You are free to un-zip the archive anywhere then the software will run.

Zip archive

Hummingbird is a clean software that can be used without installation (means we don't register anything in the system, registry or settings). We provide also the latest ZIP archive to download. All you need to unzip it after download to a folder, then launch Hummingbird.exe directly.

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Run in an enterprise environment

In some enterprise environments, downloaded ZIP from unauthorized location is automatically blocked. You will need to unblock the archive before executables in the archive can be extracted.

To unblock the archive, Please perform the following actions:


  • Right-click on Hummingbird Zip archive, and select “Properties”

  • Check “Unblock” as shown in the image above

  • Click “OK” to confirm

Updating and Upgrading

When you want to update or upgrade Hummingbird app to latest version, you can download the latest version of Zip archive and un-zip in the same location as before, or to a different location if side-by-side execution is necessary.