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The documentation is in progress and will take time to accomplish. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or problems, please open an issue on the Github Project: hummingbird.doc Documentation project is also an Open source project, any contribution is appreciated!

Hummingbird is a complete, extensible and easy to use solution for API Testing.

Feature 1


Test any kind of services with the help of the intelligent and object model based test editor.

Feature 4


Simulate load and measure how your web services can handle it.

Feature 2


Test earlier and easier your application by simulating services that your system depends on.

Feature 5


Tools that developers / testers must have such as XPATH generation, Base64 encoding, Cryptography...

Feature 3


Build automated tests and run them on the fly, And integrate these test in your DevOps pipeline.

Feature 6


Hummingbird is extensible. Integrate your idea and let the software serves you better.

Manual Testing

It features a world-class test editor to help testers run test cases faster and easier, hides technical complexity of different type of services, provides a unique and friendly user interface. No special technical skill is needed to test a web service.

Service Simulation

It come with a service simulation module to let you simulate the behavior of decencies of your application: Test completely and test earlier, no more need to wait until the dependency service is ready.

Test Automation

It includes a test automation engine allows you to build and run automated tests either from the Hummingbird Application or the Hummingbird CLI (Command Line interface).

To instantly import your services definition, Hummingbird has also an Extension Designer, allows you to import, manage and maintain Web Services from WSDL. You can then share the extensions with the team.

image 009
Default interface of Hummingbird APP
Hummingbird is composed of the following components
  • Hummingbird App: The main application provides an integrated environment for Test, service simulation, test automation and more

  • Hummingbird CLI: A command line application allows to run automated test and service simulation without user interface, ideally it can be integrated with your favorite continues integration platform.

  • Hummingbird Report Viewer: Visualize the result of automated tests graphically, easily provide data for analyzing

Hummingbird is based on an open architecture allows customizing the application to meet your needs: Either implements a new service protocol, provides a graphical user interface to edit special test data or make a new service simulation. You may learn and use Hummingbird Test Framework to build new extensions.

In additional, Hummingbird is also built with a Modern UI framework: Hummingbird UI which gives you better user experiences than any other similar software.

Table of contents



  • Introduction

  • Installation

  • Hummingbird App

    • Manual Test

    • Service Simulation

    • System Settings

    • Statistic and Dashboard

    • Automated Test

    • Service Performance Test

    • Integrated tools

    • Extension Designer

  • Hummingbird CLI

    • Run automated tests

    • Convert test reports

    • Start service simulation

  • Report Viewer

  • Visualize and analyze test results

  • Glossary

  • Test a Service manually

    • Organization of the Service

    • Introduction of Test Editor

    • Test a Web Service Soap

    • Test a Web Service Rest

  • Using and configure Service Simulation

    • Start and Stop service simulation

    • Configure the response of service simulation

    • Multi-condition based response for service simulation.

  • Using an Extension

    • Definition of an Extensions

    • Install, Update, Disable or Delete an Extension

    • Using Extension Designer

  • Test Automation

    • Create an automation project

    • Advanced Test Steps

      • Coded Test Step (C#, VB.NET)

      • Service Simulation Test Step (Start, Stop, Update data)

      • Windows Service Test Step

      • SQL related Test Step

    • Data Driven Test case



  • Introduction of Test Framework

  • Architecture of the Test Framework

  • Extensible functionalities

    • Import Web Services from WSDL

    • Define custom rest web services

    • Create a graphical user interface to edit test data

    • Create a graphical user interface to visualize test result

    • Implements a new type of Client or Service simulation

  • Examples

    • Extension example: MMS-C Server Simulation

    • Extension example: LDAP Client

  • Hummingbird Test Framework References

  • Deploy Hummingbird with its extensions

  • Run automated test within CI/CD pipeline

    • Visual Studio Team Services / Visual Studio Team Foundation Services

    • Jenkins

  • Integration of test Reports

    • Convert test reports