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ClickOnce Installer

ClickOnce installation simplifies the way to deploy and update the software. The application can be installed by a simple “Click”, and application takes care about updating itself. If you do everything within the Hummingbird App, and do not want to miss any latest features and bug fixes, Then ClickOnce is the ultimate solution.

ClickOnce installation

Navigate to, Choose RESOURCES\Download Hummingbird, you will be navigated to the download page.

Click on the link: ClickOnce Installer, the following dialog will be shown.

image 001

Continue by clicking Install, the application will be downloaded and installed.

image 002

After installation, an icon will be shown in your start menu. Click on Hummingbird icon to start the application

image 007

ClickOnce installer is compatible with Internet Explorer. When using another browser, the above dialog may not appear. If the browser prompts about downloading the file hummingbird.application, you can run it directly or after downloading.

Note Note

ClickOnce installer does not contain Hummingbird CLI and Hummingbird Report Viewer, which means you cannot run and view automated test outside of the hummingbird app.