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Nightly or stable version

Hummingbird adopted the latest development standard and DevOps concept. We update the software with minor or major changes through two different distribution canal: Nightly Version and Stable Version.

Nightly version

Nightly version is update very frequently, we try to make several updates per week to let you preview the latest features, evolutions or the bug fix.

All releases in Nightly canal are tested manually for new features and controlled by automated regression tests to ensure the basic stability of the software.

Meanwhile, nightly version is from development code branch and it may contains new bugs, please kindly report bugs so we can fix it as quick as possible.

For the developers of extensions. For each release of nightly version, the package of Hummingbird Test Framework is also updated. If you are using NuGet, you can also find the latest package of Test Framework tagged with a -prerelease suffix. If you want to work with the latest version of the test framework, including pre-release versions, please check “include pre-release versions” in NuGet Package Manager

Stable version

Stable versions are updated every one or two months. They are aimed to deliver major changes with a higher level of stabilization (means less bugs than nightly version). If you planned to use Hummingbird in an enterprise routine environment, it is recommend to use the stable version.

Stable version may have a delay of one or two months after the new features can be used in nightly version.