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Community Extensions

Available Extensions

In this section, we united all extensions developed by the Hummingbird project community. Most of them are open source, their source code can be found on GitHub. Feel free to read, download, try and even improve them if they meet your needs.

Hummingbird Messaging Extension

Hummingbird Messaging Extension is used to simulate SMS-Center and MMS-Center equipments largely used for Mobile Network Operators. This extension is build to demonstrate how to implement new protocol to simulate a service or an system that is now available in test environments.

Hummingbird LDAP Extension

Hummingbird LDAP Extension is used to call directory service (Active Directory) by using LDAP protocol. you can create and run LDAP requests to query resources within an enterprise environment.

Hummingbird Selenium Extension

Hummingbird Selenium Extension uses Selenium Web Driver to let you run Web based tests from Hummingbird. This extension demonstrate how to use Hummingbird and Selenium to run Keyword driven tests